Create a Wishlist

  1. Look through the website, and write down the things that you would love to have as either a baby shower gift, birthday gift, or holiday gift.  Don't forget to write down the color/print, size, and how many!  

  2. Come back to this page and fill out the form below.

  3. Once Mary recieves your wishlist, she will create a password protected page just for YOU and your guest!  She will email you the link to your page along with the password.  

  4. From that point, you can share your password with all of your friends and family for EASY gift shopping!  They'll be able to to shop right from your page!  



*Note:  You may add out of stock items to your registry (Thirsties Fitteds, pail liners, etc.).  I will try my hardest to make sure I have the items in stock, ready for your guest to purchase.  If your guest wants to special order items that are out of stock, please have them email me immediately.  Thank you!