Upcoming Workshop:  Murfreesboro, February 27th at 1:00pm!


  I would like to invite you to one of my workshops where we will talk about everything concerning cloth diapering.  Not only will you recieve a wealth of information, you will also meet parents just like you!  


What is discussed at the workshops?


         We will talk about the types of cloth diapers, laundering them, stripping them, buy/trade/selling them online, getting a great fit, and anything else we can think of!  


How long do the workshops run?


          My average workshop usually last 3 hours, but don't worry!  Light drinks and snacks are provided.


How do I register?


         Just click on the workshop link below to register for a workshop near you!  You may bring one support person free of charge, but remember, your support person is not elible for giveaways, and will not recieve an information packet or free diaper*.  


I don't see a location near me.


 Don't see a location near you?  Send me an email suggesting a workshop in your area, and I will try my best!  


Can I have a private workshop in my house with close friends and family?


Of course!  Send me an email, and we will talk!  Need help convincing your family about your choice to choose cloth?  I can help with that, too!   Need me to attend your baby shower?  Great!  I can do a brief presentation at your shower free of charge!  


Do you offer your workshops on Skype?


Only if the facility has wifi.  Soon, I will be posting videos here of topics discussed at my workshops!  Cool, huh?


How can I find you on Facebook to help me stay up to date on the latest information?


Just click on the link, and it will take you right to Mary's Cloth Diaper Workshops on Facebook!  If you are wanting a local cloth diapering support group on Facebook, then request to join my group by clicking here.  





Upcoming Workshops